songwriting game

A songwriting game whereby players are randomly paired and given two weeks to submit original music.

Read on to see how Winners become Judges and how a digital music file can go UP in value!

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In a digital world where disruptive technologies run rampant over old businesses, The New Music Biz .com (tnmb) pledges to help solve two problems; one as old as time, regarding how to increase creativity, the other, as new as a concept to produce sustainable music. If you're a musician and need help, please read on!

tnmb, at its core, is a songwriting game in which Players are randomly paired and given two weeks to submit an original piece of music. By having a partner, each motivates the other and by being anonymous, each may become what the other is seeking without limitation imposed by gender, ethnicity, musical taste, physical appearance, etc. Creativities are free to soar.

If needed, partners may Switch. Threatening partners may be sent to Oblivion.

Using skill and negotiation, Players progress through different levels to the ultimate, Music Legend.


There's a lot of talk these days about music being an ecosystem. Well, the first rule for ecosystems is: they must be sustainable. Current models are great for consumers, but fall short on delivering payouts to musicians.

tnmb pays musicians directly, allowing them to continue selling their own work in whatever way they wish. Consumers like tnmb even more because all winning music is tagged with TrakIt when it's sold, giving it the ability to go UP in value!

It works the same way as matrix numbers on old, vinyl records. First pressings of popular music can be worth hundreds of dollars or more than their original cost. Ringo Starr recently sold his copy numbered 1 of the white album for $790,000.00. And, it wasn't even the record that was numbered, it was the album cover! TrakIt works the same way,except you can prove you’re the owner of a particular music file from anywhere in the world, using ChekIt.

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